Publications & In Progress

Here is a list of my available publications and work in progress.


Francioli, S. P., Shakeri, A., North, M. S. (Accepted). Americans harbor much more unfavorable explicit sentiments toward younger than older adults. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. link

Francioli, S. P., Danbold, F., & North, M. S. (2023). Millennials versus Boomers: An asymmetric pattern of realistic and symbolic threats drives intergenerational tensions in the United States. Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin. link

Francioli, S. P., & North, M. S. (2021) Youngism: the content, causes, and consequences of prejudices toward younger adults. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. link

Francioli, S. P., & North, M. S. (2021) The older worker: gender and age discrimination in the workplace. Handbook of the Psychology of Aging. link

Lane, J. D., Ronfard, S., Francioli, S. P., & Harris, P. L. (2016). Children’s imagination and belief: prone to flights of fancy or grounded in reality?. Cognition, 152, 127-140. link


Francioli, S. P., Enestrom, M. C., & Zee, K. S. (In Prep for submission at Journal of Applied Psychology). [title hidden for the review process: Intervention to reduce gendered division of domestic labor].

Francioli, S. P., & North, M. S. (Working Paper; target: Journal of Applied Psychology) Precocity threat: exposure to younger, more successful colleagues undermines career engagement and job performance. link


Francioli, S. P., Enestrom, M. C., & Rothbard, N. P. (research design). Parsing out the benefits of information transparency on men’s free riding at home in a large-scale intervention.

Francioli, S. P. (data collection). Assessing ageism against older and younger workers in the U.S. Workforce.

Francioli, S. P. (data collection). Methodological biases in social sciences: examples from a systematic review of 60 years of empirical research on young-old ageism.

Francioli, S. P. (method paper, early stage). How to build cheap, customized, nationally representative samples.

Francioli, S. P. (theory paper, early stage). Reframing division of household labor as a free rider problem to tackle gender disparities in career outcomes at work.