Research Summary

I am a diversity scholar. My research combines lab studies, archival data, quasi-experiments, text analyses, and field interventions to tackle issues of age and gender inequalities in and outside of the workplace. It has been published in Cognition, Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, and the Handbook of the Psychology of Aging.

In one stream of work, I examine attitudes toward younger adults. In an aging world where young people are becoming a minority, my work sheds light on young-targeted ageism and its detrimental effects on the life experience and economic prospects of younger generations

In a second stream of research, I examine whether and how addressing gender inequalities at home helps reduce gender disparities at work. Reframing unfair division of domestic labor among dual earner couples as a socially tolerated form of free riding, I investigate how establishing more information transparency regarding each partner’s contribution at home help attenuate gender inequalities in household and childcare duties and improve the work-life balance and productivity of female professionals.